A little about the Author,what I used to do and what I do now.

With 35 years of experience in the business of Race engine building and development,Race car preparation,Suspension setups, and track testing.

Tom Laffey started his racing career in short circuit racing
In 1966 won 3 major titles and lots of other championships.

Was one of a team of drivers who went to to South Africa in 1970 to introduce Hot Rod Racing out there.Returned to S/A each year until 1976 when he won the South African saloon car championship.

Competed regularly in Ascar racing,Thunder Saloon's,Drag Racing, Kit Cars.Built all his own race cars,which consistently won races with his own developed racing engines.

A project that defines his attention to detail, nature involved the total build of a Ford GT40.
It was built from scratch, everything below the actual body itself.
a small lathe was used to make the hubs, alternate text The uprights, pinion carriers, everything.
When it was almost finished a guy from Mclaren came in and asked if I built it myself.
When I told him I had he said, It ís not possible.
We have lots of equipment and a team of about ten blokes in one department, several in another that build the F1 sports car.
I told him I did it all from the final picture and worked back from there; common sense you might say. That is why there is a lot of scrap on the floor.
you get so far with something, realise it wont work so you had to start it again.
If it is not right, make it again.
Sometimes I just stand there, looking, thinking, working it all out.
This GT40 took over two years to complete.

Now on to what I do now

In 1994 I decided to take up computer programming, I went to college to learn all about what the coding geeks gets up to, after about three years of night school, on topics like Visual basic,C#,Java,PHP, Objective-C for XCode, Eclipse then, now Android Studio,MySql and Sqlite for databases. I got Hooked I have been coding ever since. As you can see here on the right, my assistant is hard at work. Hence the extension to my Racing page.